A day in your life project: 12 hours – 12 pictures

A day in your life project: 12 hours – 12 pictures

This year, I did an online mentoring course with the best teacher in the world for  „a day in your life project“ Kirsten Lewis Bethman, who I admire so much. The course consisted in online tutorials, exercices to shoot during the week, online live reviews of your work and an very active facebook group, where the students could exchange experiences and chat along. I absolutley loved the course and made a big progress over the months. Kirsten also helped me extremely in taking some business decisions that affected my whole business life.  I am also very very grateful to have such great colleages that have been very open-minded, helpful and absolutely non-competitive. I’ve learned so much from the pictures and reviews of the others, not only from my own.

After finishing the course, a bunch of participants – who are all spread around the world – decided to repeat an exercise she gave to a few of us: to do “ a day in your life project“ with our own family and shoot one picture per hour, so that we would have a total of 12 pictures of this day in the end.

We decided to shoot our pictures if possible at the same day or at least in the same week to show how a family life looks like in the different countries / continents of the world. I had so much fun doing this project and concentrating on my own family for a change. This project really helped me to see things a bit differently, to push creativity and to learn to stick to it, no matter what.

Here are my pictures – I will add the links to the other websites as soon as they are online.




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